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        How to Start Building your Green Beauty Routine

        We all have routines that make up our day-to-day life and that includes a beauty routine. We have products that have become our favourites and that we use on a daily basis. This means that for many people choosing to make their beauty routines greener, it can be hard to know how to start making changes to their tried-and-true products. The key to transitioning to a green beauty routine is to start by making small changes. Each small change starts to add up and will make a large impact over time. The key steps to take to make your beauty routine more green are A) to swap out harmful chemicals with natural ingredients that are better for you and B) to reduce the amount of plastic and non-recyclable waste produced by packaging. With the global cosmetics industry producing over 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year, the time to start making a change is now. We have compiled some tips to make your transition to a green beauty routine an easy one.

        • Don’t try to change all your products at once. When you first decide to make changes to your beauty products, it can be tempting to try and do a massive overhaul all at once. You’re feeling inspired by your decision and that might make you want to immediately throw out all your “bad” beauty products. This would not be the best way to start off because by doing this you are disposing of perfectly usable toiletries that are not even empty yet. The best way to start your green beauty routine is to switch out your products one by one each time you have used them up. This is a great way to gradually change your products instead of jumping in all at once. This is also important because this allows you to try new products individually. Just because a new product is “clean” does not necessarily mean your body will react well to it. There are many natural ingredients that you might have an adverse reaction to and if you switch all your products at once it will be hard to pinpoint which new product is the culprit. Try gradually switching over to new greener beauty products each time you empty one that you currently use.

        • Prioritize which products you want to switch. We all have our favourite products that we have been using for years. Everybody’s skin and hair are different and many of us have taken a long time to figure out exactly what works for our particular needs. If you have sensitive skin, it may have taken you many tries to find the best combination of skincare items that are best for your skin. Or maybe you have very curly, frizzy hair and you’ve finally nailed your haircare routine to end up with beautiful, shiny curls. Going green does not have to be an all or nothing process. You can still keep select products that work best for you while switching out the rest that you may not have specific criteria for. You can keep using your normal face moisturizer or hair conditioner and yet still switch out your hand soap, toothpaste, and body wash for ones with natural ingredients. By prioritizing which products to switch out, it will make it easier to stick to the changes you have made instead of trying to make do with products that just don’t work for you.

        • Do your research. It is easier than ever these days to look up information about different companies. To help you make informed choices about the companies you are buying from, it is important that you do your research. Are these companies making their products sustainably? What ingredients are they using? Does the company have any green initiatives? These are all important things to consider when choosing your new beauty products. It can be easy to be misled by certain wording on packaging so it is important to dig a little deeper. Many companies include vague phrases on their packaging such as “organic” or “non-toxic”, but these are not terms that are regulated by any specific requirements. This use of misleading terms for marketing purposes is often referred to as “greenwashing.” It is important to do your research to make sure that the beauty products you are buying are properly labelled and that they stand up to any substantiated claims of being environmentally friendly or free from harmful ingredients. There are many wonderful sustainable beauty brands out there, so there are plenty of options of high-quality products.

        • Recycle your empties. Once you’ve started to switch to green beauty products, this may mean that many of them are packaged in eco-friendly materials instead of plastics. This is great because this means that they can be recycled instead of being thrown in the garbage. When your products are empty, make it a priority to recycle them properly. This means rinsing them out thoroughly before you put them in the recycling. Also make sure to separate any packaging elements that may not be recyclable (such as caps or labels.) These small steps will ensure that your packaging can be properly recycled instead of ending up in the landfill. Half the battle is choosing the right products, but the other half is ensuring that once you have used them that they end up being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

        • Make your products do double-duty. An easy way to make your beauty routine better for the environment is to choose products that can be multi-purpose. This cuts down on the number of products you will be purchasing and eventually, disposing of. Try choosing products that can work for you in multiple ways. Some double-duty products to try are soap that can work for both hands and body, tinted makeup that is used for cheeks and lips, shimmery powder that can be used for highlighter and eyeshadow, or serum that can be used for hair or nails. There are so many great products with natural ingredients out there that can be used for multiple purposes to allow you to cut down on the number of products you use daily. By streamlining your green beauty routine down to a handful of great products you can help reduce the amount of waste produced.

        • DIY your own products. There are so many great ways to make your own products at home. This is advantageous for a few reasons. First, it is often much cheaper to buy your own ingredients and make your products in bulk rather than repurchasing many products over time. Secondly, you are in control of the conditions your products are made under. By making them in your own home, you know exactly what they have been exposed to and what kind of environment they were produced in. Thirdly, you can tailor your ingredients to your specific needs. You can make sure that the ingredients you are choosing are pure and organic. Lastly, you can provide your own containers and eliminate the need for single-use plastics by using re-usable jars and tins that you already own at home. There are so many recipes available online for every type of homemade spa product, or you can use one of our Earthy Good DIY kits. We offer four different DIY kits- Lip Balm, Bath Bombs, Toothpaste and Serenity Spa. To read more about our DIY kits and to make your own low-waste products with natural ingredients, click here.