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        Repurposing Our Packaging

        All of our Earthy Good kits are created with sustainability in mind and are low-waste and made from eco-friendly materials. Each kit comes in a cardboard box and is filled with wildflower seed packing paper. Many of our natural ingredients come in containers that are designed to be re-used. We use containers such as glass jars, metal tins and glass bottles instead of single-use plastic packaging. We also include components made from environmentally friendly materials like bamboo. There are many ways you can upcycle the containers in our kits once they are empty.

        Each of our kits is packaged in a cardboard box. There are many ways you can re-use the cardboard box instead of recycling it once you have opened your kit. A few ways you can repurpose your cardboard box are:

        • Use it to store photographs, mementos, or postcards
        • Use it to wrap a gift for someone
        • Place small items such as craft supplies inside
        • Use it to organize surplus ingredients from your Earthy Good kits
        • Decorate it and using it to store jewelry

        Some of our raw ingredients (such as the lip balm base) come in a metal tin. Metal tins are great for re-purposing because they are sturdy and durable. Try some of the following ways to re-use your tins:

        • Place a small tea light candle inside
        • Use it to store small pieces of jewelry such as earrings or rings
        • Store your headphones or airpods inside
        • Use it to keep vitamins and pills inside, this can be useful to bring them with you on the go
        • Use it to collect and keep all your spare change

        We use a variety of glass bottles in our kits for ingredients such as the sweet almond oil, the witch hazel, the argan oil and others. Glass bottles are very useful to organize small household items, especially in the bathroom. Some suggestions for new uses for your glass bottles are:

        • Use it to hold incense sticks
        • Use the bottle to hold small dried flowers for decoration (try a sprig of lavender or something fragrant)
        • Place bobby pins or cotton swabs inside for easy access during your beauty routine
        • Place potpourri inside and leave uncapped for a natural air freshener

        Our French yellow clay in the DIY Serenity Spa Making Kit comes inside a glass jar. Glass jars are extremely versatile and can be re-used in your home in a variety of ways. Some of our favourite uses for an empty glass jar are:

        • Use the jar to hold a homemade candle
        • Use it as a pot and plant a small succulent inside
        • Place cotton makeup pads or cotton swabs inside to help organize your bathroom
        • Use it to hold hair accessories such as scrunchies, barrettes or hair clips
        • Use it to keep small household items like screws, bolts or batteries organized

        All of our kits include a furoshiki wrapping cloth. Furoshiki is the Japanese art of cloth wrapping and is a popular low-waste gift wrapping method. Our furoshiki cloths are beautifully patterned which makes them easy to repurpose. Some of the best ways to repurpose your decorative furoshiki wrapping cloth are:

        • Use it as a decorative table or shelf accent cloth
        • Tie it to a purse or tote for a fashionable touch
        • Use it as a hair accessory such as a headband or ponytail wrap
        • Use it for small sewing projects- there are so many things you can make! Try using it to create a fabric bookmark or key lanyard.

        We include a silicone tube with our DIY Toothpaste Making Kit that is originally used for your homemade toothpaste. This re-usable tube is very durable and can be repurposed in many different ways. Some easy ways to keep using your silicone tube are:

        • Use it for craft activities to hold materials that you would like to squeeze out like paint or glue
        • Fill it with dish soap or hand soap to be used in the kitchen
        • Fill it with hand sanitizer or hand cream to put in your purse & take with you on the go
        • Use it to hold toiletries like shampoo, body wash or conditioner on your travels

        We include a bamboo spatula with some of our kits to help you work with the ingredients provided. Bamboo is a very eco-friendly material and can be composted or recycled. Some ways to use your bamboo spatula after making your Earthy Good kits are:

        • Label it and stick it into the soil as a plant marker in your herb garden
        • Use it as a utensil for crafting projects
        • Use it as a cuticle pusher for your art home manicures
        • Use it as a DIY utensil (like a palette knife) for your painting projects

        Our packing paper comes from a company called Botanic Paperworks and is made from wildflower seeds. Instead of throwing it in the garbage, you can simply plant it in your garden to grow flowers. It is such a great way to reduce unnecessary waste while producing something beautiful instead.

        There are so many ways you can repurpose your Earthy Good kit components once you have used them to create your DIY spa products. By avoiding single-use plastics, our containers and packaging are easy to reuse instead of throwing them away. The small size of our ingredient containers makes them perfect to refill with toiletry products and use as travel-size containers. You can always save them to use again for your other DIY projects, whether it is another Earthy Good project or your own homemade recipes. Of course, we always recommend thoroughly cleaning out any containers you intend to repurpose. Certain of our ingredients are not meant to be ingested or may stain clothing. Please ensure your bottles, jars and tins are squeaky clean before re-using them for any other purposes. By repurposing the components of your Earthy Good kits, you can help reduce waste by diverting them from the landfill. Contributing to sustainability starts with small steps from each of us. Tiny changes start to add up over time to make a significant impact, which is why we have kept sustainability in mind when creating all our products.