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        We believe in the importance of having all-natural ingredients in your skincare and cosmetic products. That's why we created the Kiss Naturals and Earthy Good lines of 100% natural DIY kits. Each of our kits are proudly handmade in Canada. We also value the importance of giving back to our community, so we have partnered with some of our retailers to raise money for local charities. Contact us to learn more about how you can join our local charity donation program. Our products and packaging are designed to be upcycled and reused to help reduce waste and limit our environmental impact. With the rising popularity of natural products, our kits would be a great addition to your gift, toy or natural product store.


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        To order from local sales representatives in your area, check out the following links:

        TLM Sales (New England & Massachusetts)

        Kathleen Milne (California)

        Interested in partnering with us to represent our line? Email us at info@kissnaturals.com