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        About Us

        We’ve worked with many social media influencers, bloggers and larger brands over the past few years online. The only part of the equation that is missing, is a driving force behind marketing and sales to expand our brand worldwide.

        Our goal is to expand our brands worldwide and most importantly have fun doing it!

        We are vegan friendly, made in Canada, 100% natural and organic, and we are always striving to reduce the amount of plastic waste in packaging! Most of all, our kits give you a chance to slow down and learn how easy and fun it can be to make safe and natural products from very few high quality ingredients. Our two sister brands have partnered together to continue our charitable efforts by donating to causes that are near and dear to our hearts. To read more about how we give back, visit our Charity page.

        If you feel that you’d like to be part of this journey, then let’s talk.

        -The Kiss Naturals / Earthy Good family

        Kiss Naturals (b 2008) & Earthy Good (b 2020) are all natural DIY brands for both kids and adults. What makes us different? We are proudly made in Canada, family owned and offer products that create buzz.

        The “family” consists of people who care and want to be part of something special. It all started in 2008, in the beautiful Victorian Village of Knowlton. Kiss Naturals was created out for a need to provide a healthy alternative to what was available to consumers.

        Things moved quickly, and before you know it we were selling to Toys R US, Walmart, Dave Jones (Australia) , Mexico and Target USA. We’ve shifted our focus to selling in independent retailers now and our products are currently in stores across the US and Canada. We are beginning to sell in the UK, as well as some other European countries.

        We produce our products in a facility in Cowansville. A large part of our production is handled by a non profit called Pleins Rayons that employs adults with mental disabilities such as autism.

        The evolution of our packaging from 2009 to now!